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What are you eating??

Growing up, this may have been one of the most spoken questions in our household. With 5 of us kids, it seemed one of us was always eating something and we always wanted to know what. Why? Honestly, probably because we either wanted some too or because we wanted to judge one another for weird cravings.

Regardless of the reason for us asking the question, the question itself is a good one. It's an important one. What are you eating?? But it is most important when we look inward & ask ourselves "what am I eating??"

I don't think I need to say it (but I will anyway) but what we are fueling ourselves with has a HUGE impact on our lives. If we are eating a diet full of good nutrients we will probably feel, mentally, physically, emotionally, better than we would if we ate a diet primarily filled with processed foods that are high in sugar & fats.

You don't need to be a dietician to know that (trust me, I'm not one. You've just learned the extent of all of my health knowledge to date.). Similarly, you don't need to be a theologian or religious to know that what you consume in media and how we spend our free time will have a HUGE impact on our spiritual well-being that in turn affects every part of our life.

So what is your spiritual food? This is a question for everyone. I'm not just talking to my Christian friends here, I'm talking to you. This may be the most important time of your life to remain grounded in your faith and your creator, no matter how you choose to worship. What is your game plan??

Waking up every day and hoping to have faith and keep a positive outlook is not a plan. When I was an atheist I truly believed that you either were born believing or you weren't. How wrong I was. Faith doesn't come overnight and for many, it's not easy.

So during this time of crisis, how can you keep & grow your faith? What books will you read? What movies will you watch? How will you worship? Come up with a game plan & let God do the rest.

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