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The Waiting

We are all waiting for something it seems. Waiting to get back to work. Waiting for your groceries to arrive. Waiting to hear back about the job interview. I'm currently in a 2-month waiting process to hear about a life-altering decision. I would be lying if I said it wasn't difficult.

All I want is to know what happens next. I want to be in that next stage of life. I want to be secure in knowing what my future holds. And part of me wants to wish this time away.

But I also know that this time isn't useless and that God is going to use it. Most of my days right now are pretty uneventful and I've found it difficult to find inspiration to write, but I can't wait to look back, 2 months from now, and see how God was using this time to prepare me for my next big adventure.

I don't know what you are waiting for and I really don't have any great advice for you (disappointing, I know). All I can really say is that God will not waste this time. He won't. So as mundane as your life feels right now, just keep trucking along and trust that in the end, it will have all been worth it.

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