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Take a Break, Kid!

Name that movie. If you can figure out what movie the title is from I'll be very impressed.

But really, take a break! I'm learning that right now. I really wanted to write a really nice blog post today. I also wanted to get my work out in. I wanted to do my morning routine. However, being out of town this weekend kind of threw my whole routine out of wack. I have an hour before I need to get to sleep so none of what I want to get done will get done today.

Normally this wouldn't happen. Mostly because I plan like crazy and avoid excuses like the plague. But today it did. So instead of beating myself up or trying to squeeze as much as I can in, I decided to just do this and then relax. And tomorrow, I'll start again.

Take a break when you need one. But DO NOT waste multiple days. If you take a day, start again tomorrow, not next Monday, tomorrow. I really don't have much else to say today, mainly because I'm drained and have a bruised butt (story for another time). Just remember that you can be a hustler and take a break. The best of them do.

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