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Quit Saying YES on Day One!

Anyone hate making decisions? Maybe hate isn't the right word. Maybe despise or loathe are more appropriate?

I am one of those indecisive people. I often feel like the easiest way to avoid the stress and the days of worrying about the consequences of either option is just to make the decision as fast as possible and then just focus on moving forward. Often times, if my options are yes or no, my default is yes.

Do you want to run for ______ position in our organization? YES!

Do you want to volunteer for us at _______? YES!

Want to go to Africa in 5 years? YES!

There are many issues with that strategy, right? The first being, I keep my word. I'm not someone that says yes and then backs out. So saying yes, really means yes, and there have been many times that in hindsight, I should not have said yes.

I'm also not being very selective as to what I allow into my life. When it comes to dating, we are all so picky about who we would go on a date with, yet looking at friendships, social events, and other opportunities, we often just take whatever we can get. By jumping on the first thing presented to me I am not having trust that something even better may come along.

Finally, maybe the worst thing about just saying yes, is that I'm cutting God out of the equation. Discernment and God's Will don't only come into play when we are talking about the big Vocation (Marriage, Religious Life, Single Life). God wants to be invited into every moment and decision in our lives.

So before jumping right on board with a new job, an exciting trip, or a new goal, take it to prayer and see what God thinks. Ultimately, we have been given free will to choose, but God knows our hearts better than we do. You can never go wrong going to him first.

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