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My room was clean...

Since being stuck at home because of COVID-19 I decided that I was finally going to become as much of a "minimalist" as possible. When I say "as much of" I mean, I am kind of a hoarder so me going minimalist, is more like how normal Americans, that don't have clutter everywhere, live.

It started out with me doing a basic cleaning. Ya know, that stuff you should always do. Laundry, dusting, making my bed (for once), picking up loose items, etc. Then I started to really get down to business. I'm talking cleaning out my desk which I haven't touched in years, reorganizing shelves, going through ALL my clothes to see what I can get rid of, etc.

It has been two days. And my room is messier then it ever has been. I am again trapped in my bed because I cannot walk in my room. It kind of looks like I've gone backward. Like I have made negative progress. If someone walked in they would think I haven't cleaned in years. But since I know what I'm doing, since I know my end goal, I am aware that progress is being made, even though it doesn't look like it. And that any day now, after many a trash bags, my room will be clutter-free and liveable once again. I will have created a space that I love living in.

I can't help but notice that often times, this is how God helps us heal. How He helps us grow stronger. He begins a journey in us which reveals to us our brokenness. We think we are growing in holiness, headed in the right direction and often we then see even more clearly how broken we are. From the outside, it doesn't make sense. Our faith amidst it is completely irrational. And while we will never be perfect and our journey is throughout our life, there are times in life where we can look back and say, "I am so glad that God brought me through all that to bring me here."

Maybe you can't relate to what I'm saying at all, but I think a lot of you can. Today, everyone seems to be filled with stress, worry, fear, but what if we all just decided to trust. To make that one right step. To clean that one area of our life that we can. So that even though our lives might look messy, we know that by the Grace of God, work is getting done.

So that is my challenge to you today, take that one step that will bring you closer to the person God intended you to be. Hang in there y'all. God's got this.

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