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My Quarantine Bucket List

So we are here, who could've called this when we all were making our 2020 goals, huh? For me, being stuck at home immediately makes me just want to sleep all day. I naturally love being out and about, going to different events, hitting the gym, just getting out of the house. So to be constrained to one room really makes me just want to throw in the towel.

But I've decided that while there's nothing I can do to change the situation, I can make good use of this time. So here's my quarantine bucket list, to-do list, whatever you want to call it. I don't expect you to copy all or any of these things, but I hope you can maybe gain some inspiration to see the silver lining and create your own list.

1. Create a skincare routine I LOVE

- I've never been someone that's had a good skincare routine, mainly because I've been fortunate enough not to need one. But with all this time I might as well find some staple products to use. If you have normal/slightly dry skin let me know if you have any go-to products.

2. Keep learning Spanish

- I've been learning Spanish for a few weeks not but now's the perfect time to get really consistent.

3. DEEP clean my room and reorganize

- Not much to say here, except that it's long overdue.

4. Talk to someone EVERY day

- Humans are social beings and I can't only talk to my co-workers and family for the next few weeks, so let me know if you want to chat!

5. Pray well

- Time to be intentional with creating moments of silence throughout the day.

6. Master the at-home workouts

- Not going to lie, I prefer the gym. But I'm also not one to give up on goals just because the gym is closed. I've been doing Blogilates. Who do you like to follow for at-home workouts?

7. Learn Ukulele

- My Ukulele will arrive in mid-April and I'm pretty excited, not gonna lie.

8. Get outside

- Fresh air is so important. Challenging myself to get outside, regardless of the weather, at least once a day.

9. At least 7,000 steps a day

- This may be the biggest challenge. I have already accepted that some days I will fail, but hopefully I'll succeed more often than not.

10. Find a book I can't put down

- I love reading but I want to find a really good book. Let me know what you're reading.

11. Get REALLY good at guitar

- It's about time I learned more than the 5 strumming patterns I know, lol.

12. Create & stick to a morning and night routine

- I love routines. I also find it hard to stick to them. Pray for me.

13. Limit screen time

- It's so tempting to stare at a screen all day. I've already cut out most social media, but youtube has stolen my attention. Any tips?

Let me know what you're doing during your quarantine!

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