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Covered in Trash

Hey friends! Welcome to RisingRose! I'm really glad you're here. Before you get reading, check out the About page! You'll learn all you need to know about RisingRose & myself before you jump right in.

But I wanted to start with some context about where I am (or am not in life) in this first blog post. In the past month, I have had my first international venture (and it was on my own), I got passed up for a promotion, got dumped by my boyfriend and had my aunt pass away. So I guess you could say life has been interesting.

And here is what I could have done:

1. Cried all day and started a pity party for me and my closest friends (full disclosure: I did cry, and throw a pity party for a bit)

2. Quit my job and said screw it

3. Stayed in Greece forever avoiding life's responsibilities (which honestly was super tempting)

Yet, the thing is, I, and you, can only control how we react to change. Most of the time, we can't reverse what has been done. And often times, it's not what is best for us.

Don't get confused. Even though you are covered in the crap life handed you, YOU ARE NOT CRAP!

When I first got dumped, and rejected professionally, within two weeks, I jumped to thinking that there must be something wrong with me. Don't we all? At some point in our lives we have those moments where we get confused.

Luckily, I have some people in my life that were able to speak truth to me. That I am not my circumstances. That while I may be covered in crap, I am not crap.

So, incase you don't have those people in your life. Let me help ya out for a second. If you're a recent college grad or in college, or simply have a heart beat, chances are you may be sitting in some trash. BUT, the most amazing people in the world, sat in crap for years but they kept pushing through. I believe that you are one of the most amazing people in the world. I believe you can push through. You just have to try and keep trying until it sticks.

So, my challenge for you today, is to do one thing that will start to clean yourself off. Take a walk, drink some water, read a book, see a therapist.

Let me know below what step you are taking. For me, I'm finally releasing this blog. It's about time I took the jump.

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