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If You're In, You're In

Often times, when I think about God's will for my life I get stressed out. I know he has something crazy and amazing planned for me, which is GREAT (Thanks, Jesus)! But that brings with it plenty of doubts and worries.

I can't help but wonder how or why God would choose me to be his disciple in the first place, let alone ask me and want me to play a part in his grand plan. I'm so incredibly imperfect. I'm so broken. I often fail to show even a fraction of the love he wants me to show to those around me.

But this past week as mass, the Priest said just 5 words that really have stuck with me ever since.

If You're In, You're In.

Jesus takes it all and he will take anything and everything you are willing to give him. He doesn't say, "I'll use you to do my will, just get past that sin first and then we will talk." He doesn't say, "Come back to me when you're perfect, then I will put you to work." He doesn't say, "You'll be mine once, or if, or when."

Jesus says, "You're mine, this is for you, you are my beloved, and I don't want to wait another second to be with you." Jesus wants all your baggage, he does. I think sometimes we may fall into the mistake during Lent of thinking, "Lord, what I'm doing is for you, so that I may be worthy to stand in your midst."

But here's the deal, we will never be worthy, yet still, if you're in, you're in. Jesus wants everyone to know you're his, no matter how broken or imperfect you may feel.

During this second week of Lent, try to remember those 5 small words. Nothing you can do, will do, or have done will ever change Christ's mind. He is madly in love with you. So if you're in, you're in. No ifs, ands or buts.

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