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I Went to the Wrong Hospital

When horrible things happen in your life, what do you do? How do you react? Now, I’m speaking HORRIBLE, life-altering changes. Matters of life or death. If I sound like I’m being dramatic it’s for two reasons:

  1. Because I am

  2. Because it is necessary

SO, let me explain where this is coming from.

A few days ago my little brother got rushed to the hospital. He has had epilepsy almost his whole life and as he has gotten older he has begun to have more extreme seizures more often. This epileptic episode had his whole body in a frenzy. His lungs, his heart, blood pressure, platelets, you name it, it probably had been affected.

As if we all weren’t freaked out enough when he wasn’t stable nearly 24 hours after landing himself in the ICU, he then got rushed to have emergency heart surgery as the right side of his heart was unable to keep pumping blood. Now I’m not a doctor, nor am I someone that memorizes all of the terms on Grey’s Anatomy (though I do love that show), so that’s really all the detail I can give without confusing myself and probably most of you in the process.

We all have our own unique reactions to situations like these. Some drown themselves in food, others tears or Netflix or music, the list could go on forever. But I did what seemed most practical for really any life or death situation, I rushed to the hospital. To the best hospital I know of. To the sanctuary. To the place that I call home. Y’all I’m talking about Church.

Maybe you think I'm crazy for not going to the "actual" hospital right away. But I would be useless in the "actual" hospital and the Church, especially the Catholic Church, IS a hospital. Often times, when looking in from the outside, it may just look like another community of people who choose to worship God. But REALLY, the Church is a place where broken, imperfect people seek healing from a completely perfect God. Sitting in the chapel, being surrounded by other believers, provided me with a sense of comfort that no matter what the outcome, I had people I could turn to.

The Church I called home in Chios, Greece

Yet, The Church is more than a building. I’m sure you’ve heard that time and time again as have I. But this time I really learned that it was true. As I began to reach out to the kindest and most wholesome people I knew, I felt so much gratitude for my church. Yes, my church, in a way, is four walls but it is also the community of believers from all different denominations and beliefs that come together to fight through prayer & support when something unbelievable happens.

Seeing everyone unify to help fight for my brother’s life is/was something that while I never wanted to experience it, it has shown me the importance of a faith community. I’m happy to say that (right now at least) my brother’s health is improving. I am incredibly grateful to the people that have dedicated their lives to modern medicine and the people that have spent their lives in prayer, as well as God who has made all things possible.

Well, maybe you haven’t figured it out by now, but each blog post comes with a call to action. So, based on my experiences this past week, I’d like to encourage you to do two things this week:

  1. Find your faith community | If you believe in something, anything, don’t believe in it alone. That is not how you grow. Head to a new Church, a new sanctuary, and begin to form relationships with people that will be by your side when the worst things happen

  2. Grab a coffee with someone that doesn’t believe the same things as you, not to debate, but to learn | In my life, my faith has only been strengthened when surrounding myself by those who have different views than me. I strongly value my friends that have different views than my own.

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