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Do you have a home base??

I like to think that I've always been a natural leader. I could be wrong but from a very young age, I was always rallying people together, forming clubs/groups and serving those around me.

That still hasn't changed. I love being heavily involved in forming and improving communities, I thrive in situations where I can give back and feel like I can have even just a small positive impact. When I first graduated college I found the perfect young adult community that I thought would be my home base. A place where I could just be. I place where I could grow strong friendships and find people that were in similar places in their faith journey to lean on and grow with.

For a while, that was very true! But at some point, I started to grow beyond what they had to offer. At first, I was frustrated. When I attended the group I felt like I was supporting and listening to everyone else and not receiving that in return. I felt like I was in such a different place than so many others there and I couldn't understand why we weren't all growing together at the same pace.

Then God kinda knocked me on my butt and helped me to wake up. He made me realize that that is still an amazing community to be a part of, it's just not my "home base." It's a place where I can give back to others and support others but it is not the place that I find and receive the support that I need. And instead of being bitter, I feel that God is calling me to bring together a much smaller group of ladies just to grow with, pray with and support each other. Women who are all on the same journey of authentic holiness.

I still attend that young adult community. But my mission there has shifted. Instead of seeking support, I'm looking to give support. My challenge to you is to not swear away a community when you outgrow it. Instead, continue to give back and look for that home base. The place where you can be replenished and form authentic support and love.

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