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Waiting on Myself to Change

Waiting, inherently, is not a bad thing. As a child, one of the first lessons our parents teach us is to “be patient.” They make us wait for dinner or to get the toy back from our younger sibling. Learning to just sit and be still is something that is hard as a child and doesn't seem much easier as we get older.

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, however, there is a time, to stop waiting. For me, I think that time is now. I have been thinking about writing for a long time. I never wanted to be a writer growing up. I actually had my college english professor encourage me to dual major in english and I laughed because I truly thought she was crazy. I didn’t like writing and I didn’t think I was very good at it either. To be honest, I think I was afraid to embrace the idea because it sounded like a lot of work. Yet, since graduating college I spend most days thinking about starting a blog or writing my first non-fiction book.

The keyword in that sentence is thinking. That is what my life has been. Thinking and waiting. Hoping that my life will magically change and that I will wake up one day to the life I've always dreamed of. I think we both know that that is not how this life works. SO, I don’t know why today is the day that I’m done sitting around, but I can tell you why I’m done sitting around, and hopefully, just maybe, this will get you to move too.

1. Your time, as vast as it may seem, is limited

We often hear of encouraging stories of those who got a late start in their dream. Take Julia Child, for instance, she didn’t publish her first cookbook until 50 years old. Now, I could take this to mean that I have another 28 years to think about what I want to write. Well, make it 27 so I have a year of editing. While that is true, why would you want to waste your time now?! The more time you can spend focusing on creating your best life the better!

2. The devil is a liar

Cue one of my newest favorite songs to jam out to. The devil is a LIAR. All of those fears that are holding you back are lies from the devil. The devil wants you to focus on all of the fears. He wants you to wait and just be sloth, to not take action. We were made to move. To pursue what God has planned for our lives. With each day we push this off, the devil gets his way.

3. You have the time

For the longest time, I’ve been thinking about how to find the time. Stupid, right? What if I had just done it? Done something with that time I spent thinking? I probably would’ve written this year’s ago. Quit the Netflix. Quit the daydreaming. Quit the endless Target runs. Start now.

4. Life is full of interruptions

I’m a planner. Maybe you are too? For as long as I can remember I’ve kept at least one, sometimes two or three, planners/calendars to make sure my life is as organized as possible. I have booked in time to write in my calendar more times than I can count. But the interruptions or emergencies that have caused them to be bumped have been endless. Whether it’s a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy or a family member in a hospital, all different interruptions can happen. So yes, schedule. But use the time you have now as well.

5. There are no guarantees

This one may be the most simple. You could get sick, you could lose the part of your body you need to do that skill. There is nothing written anywhere that says that you can do this tomorrow. So do it today.

Those are the five reasons that I chose to start today. Now that you’ve finished reading, its probably time for you to stop waiting too. Comment below what you are doing today to create your best life.

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