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90 Days in the Desert...

And I want to go back.

For the 90 days leading up to Easter Sunday, I took part in something called FIAT 90. My goal was to simply to grow. To grow in discipline, self-awareness, reliance on God and simplicity.

While there were many disciplines and practices that focused on mind, body and spirit some of the most outward-facing ones are as follows:

- No social media

- No Netflix, Hulu, TV, etc.

- No secular music

- No alcohol or sweets

Originally, I was pretty excited to step off of social media. I had always wanted to but working in digital marketing for a while made it nearly impossible. I was less than thrilled about the other three, especially the alcohol & sweets. Because what can I say? I love my wine & ice cream! Yet, I was determined to enter fully into the challenge and excited to see who I would become.

Fast forward 90 days to Easter Sunday. I was really excited to binge watch Grey's Anatomy, stalk all my friends on social media, listen to Brandi Carlile again and FINALLY have wine & ice cream.

But friends, what happened, while always a possibility, was most definitely surprising.

I went back to everything and I turned into someone that I wasn't proud of almost immediately. Right away social media had me comparing myself to others, I watched tons and tons of Netflix and my diet went from healthy & filling to binge eating.

I have lived two extremes in the course of two weeks. But I can honestly say, my life was much better without social media, without Netflix, without sweets, and without alcohol. I miss my FIAT 90 life. Yea, sometimes I felt left out of the loop when catching up with friends and such, but really there's a deep peace that comes from living as much off the grid as possible while still maintaining a "regular" life.

So, I think I'm going back. I don't know to what extent yet. But living a simplistic life away from media, while it may not be for everyone, certainly proved to be for me over the last 3 months.

Now I can't say that every now & then I won't check in on my friends on Facebook or see how Meredith and her new man are doing on Grey's but for the most part, I'm choosing to live a life of inner simplicity.

So, my challenge to you today is to try it. Go one day without the four things I listed above. Don't replace those four things with an event or meeting with friends (not that you can at the moment anyway) but instead find ways to relax without getting lost in the scroll or the screen.

I promise you it will be uncomfortable. But maybe try it for a few more days and eventually you may just fall in love with stepping away.

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