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12 for 12

I love goals. You know that person who has every hour of their day planned out in order to optimize their time? The person that has not just one planner, but also a digital calendar, and a notebook? That is me. I am that person and I am freaking proud of it too.


I always am encouraging others to make goals, simply because I hate wasting time. I would never want to look back on a year and say, "Darn, screwed that one up. Just watched YOU on Netflix and scrolled on Instagram all year." So maybe you aren't someone that makes new years resolutions. That's okay, really. But how are you going to make this year a year to remember?? What will make you look back on 2020 and say, "Wow, what an exciting year."

I don't think you need to have money or big plans to make 2020 memorable, I just think you need plans. You need 12 for 12. Commit to doing one thing a month and switch it up each month. There's still plenty of days left in January, so you have the time to jump on board.

So to give you an idea, I have a list of 12, 12 for 12s you could choose to commit to. Choose one, two if you're feeling inspired, and then PLAN. IT. OUT. You will thank yourself later.

1. Read 12 books


When's the last time you read something that wasn't assigned to you by a professor? If the answer is more than a year, this may be a good choice for you. Do your research and choose 12 books that will really excite you this year!

2. Do 12 things that scare you


I'm not talking about going to a haunted house. I'm talking about conquering 12 real fears you have. Whether it's heights, rejection, singing in public, make a diverse list and make 2020 your year to be brave.

3. Add/or cut out 12 foods


How picky of an eater are you? Expand your food horizons or make 2020 the year of health by cutting out one food that you'll be better off without each month.

4. Try 12 new workouts


Make working out fun again by trying a new class or workout routine each month!

5. Take 12 adventures


These don't need to be huge adventures. It could be as simple as trying out drunk karaoke, going roller blading or flying a kite. What are the things you haven't done in a long time or those that you have been dying to try??

6. Grab coffee with 12 people who have a job you aspire to have


Start networking now. That way, when a job opens up, you'll be the first person they think of.

7. Go to church, confession or adoration 12 times


I don't know you. (Well, maybe I do, but you get the point) I don't know where you need to focus to grow spiritually. Maybe you haven't stepped into a church in years. Maybe you live at church but you avoid confession like the plague. I don't know. Be honest with yourself and challenge yourself to focus on spiritual growth.

8. Reconnect with 12 old friends


Please don't use this excuse to bring toxic people back in your life. We are looking for the good ones that you just lost touch with.

9. Travel 12 new places


These don't need to break your bank. Make a list of 12 places within driving distance that you can explore!

10. Volunteer at 12 non-profits


Sorry about the GIF, it was only appropriate. But really, give back to your community by volunteering on a monthly basis. You'll probably feel better because of it.

11. Write 12 letters to people who have changed your life


Snail mail is kind of the best. Don't you agree?? This will not just make their day, it'll make yours too.

12. Give to 12 strangers


How can you brighten the day of those around you?? Try to think on a regular basis how you can give back to those you don't even know.

Well, there ya have it. 12 ideas. Give this post a heart if you are going to implement one in your 2020! Happy New Year!

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