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1 Year to Brave

100 days ago I started reading a book. 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs. It's one of those devotional books but it also had daily challenges, all of which were supposed to make you more brave. To be the person you were intended to be.

To be 100% honest with you, I don't think I ever did any of the challenges. I just committed to reading, every. single. day. Tomorrow is the final day of reading the book. When I look 100 days into my past, I had been living my life in fear, and not the good kind.

I was afraid to turn away money in order to pursue self development. I was afraid to not reach my goals. I was afraid of lost time. and a million other things. Maybe I shouldn't have written those sentences in the past tense because I am still afraid. But bravery isn't the absence of fear, it is overpowering it. Choosing to do the hard things. The things that scare you.

When planning out this year, I decided that I wanted to be more brave. Each month, I have decided to do something that scares me. That may sound really dumb, but when you start to fight you fears, something wonderful happens.

You become more confident. You become more understanding. You become more YOU. And that truly is beautiful.

Each month, I will upload a picture of myself being brave in this blog post. Each time, I will be doing the "Superhero Stance" which is said to give you the confidence needed to take on any challenge if you hold it for 2 minutes or more. Some would say, "Stand like a superhero, feel like a superhero, act like a superhero."

So, today, I completed my January fear.

I attended a Women's Self Defense Course at WNY MMA. This may not seem scary to you at all. (Which is the point, we all have different fears) But walking into a gym to do a workout that I have never done before was not easy. Right away, I couldn't do the first three warm ups. They wanted me to do a front roll thing. I'm not a gymnast, lol.

But once we got into actually fighting and technique, I LOVED IT! Try to fight me, I'll flip ya over. I am planning to attend each month now to become more of the kick-a** woman I am! This is only the beginning.

Want to take on the challenge? Write out 12 things that scare you, assign them to month's and let's become brave together.

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